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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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they create a new system makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside the mainstream to shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening post on a. hello there i'm the star and this is the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes iran has reported an accident at its main nuclear facility a day after it started enriching uranium using advanced centrifuges child goes to the polls but is the result of a foregone conclusion as president idriss deby seeks to extend his 30 year grip on
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power. families of those killed in myanmar's bogard town say they're being asked to pay a ransom to retrieve the bodies of their loved ones. and evacuation orders have been issued on the caribbean island of st vincent where a once dormant volcano has now passed into life. hello i'm sort of hard to. see almost stormed into the lead at the masters aiming to come to a nice man to win a major title. now the government of iran has reported an accident at its main nuclear facility at natanz tehran's atomic agency says it's affected the sites electrical distribution grid power was out across the facilities above ground workshops as well as underground in richmond tolls on saturday president hassan rouhani said iran has launched a new advanced enrichment centrifuges at that site and this is all after several
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centrifuges were damaged in a fire last year an incident that terror on then called an act of sabotage iran is high on the agenda as the u.s. secretary of defense visits israel tensions in the region have been escalating in recent weeks. well we'll get more on all of that in a moment from harry for cities and westerly scene for us but 1st let's go live to us today again the iranian capital tehran now as had just what do we know about this incident and how dangerous it could be we don't know a lot actually we know that it was an electrical incident iran has said that there are no injuries and. 2 parts of that facility have been cut there's also no leaks at that nuclear power plant in the towns is the main nuclear facility in iran and according to the 2015 nuclear deal iran is allowed to enrich uranium at this site and as you said this does come a day after president rouhani had announced that advanced centrifuges were being
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used at this plant so. we are told that's also being investigated and the findings will be released but there was also another incident as you mentioned last summer and when the incident happened we were told that it was just a fire you saw images on state t.v. playing the incident but later after images were released in foreign media we were told that it was an explosion sabotage and yesterday an official from the natanz found called it an act of terrorism so there are suspicions around what is taking place also the same facility was talked to by a virus back in 2010 and that was blamed on the united states and israel and the context for this is that an iranian ship was attacked in the red sea on tuesday and that's also been blamed on israel so all this is taking place and definitely raises suspicions that something untoward is taking place you talk about the timing of all this there's also these critical very delicate talks around the nuclear deal that have been happening in vienna this put any of that in jeopardy how would this
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affect that. well there are some in iran that believe the there are attempts taking place to derail those negotiations those talks will resume again on wednesday wednesday in vienna but the reigning position seems unchanged that they want all sanctions lifted before iran begins to reduce any of the steps that it's taken in terms of the 2015 nuclear deal and we have heard today that iran wants those sanctions lifted and very fired and that verification process iran says could take up to 3 to 6 months so the still a long way to go but incidents like this if they are an act of sabotage that many are talking about now inside iran would definitely complicate matters and make those discussions weigh more difficult when clearly lots of tensions in the region also back there for us in the iranian capital tehran thank you so much i said well let's now cross i've got to hurry forsett he's in west jerusalem and joins us from there live perry this is really quite the timing for an accident in iran i imagine
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israel is watching all of this very closely. well yes at a time when the u.s. sector defense lloyd austin has just arrived in the country in fact has just had as who are coming to his joint statement with the israeli such of defense benny gantz defense minister benny gantz and so during that statement this was the 1st of austin's official meetings here during the 1st visit by a senior by the new administration official to the country he and gantz both talked about sort of a broad range of things that they were talking about for instance emphasizing longer term military acquisition austin saying the united states remains committed to ensuring that israel maintains its military edge in the region also against talking about the international criminal court investigation into israeli actions
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particularly in the 2014 war in gaza saying that they would not succeed but behind all of this of course as you say is this critical issue of iran dance did talk about that directly to some extent saying that iran was the what was a security threat to the world to the middle east and specifically to israel and so that was a point of discussion. that regional security issues were part of the discussions there had on other things such as normalization with other arab nations and so on but obviously while there are these talks have been going on in vienna last week about the united states trying to resuscitate the j.c. p. o. a the iran nuclear deal while iran is at the same time as saying that it is interested in that but it wants to do so on its own terms and increasing the un human richmond processing. natanz while all of that is going on israel has
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a very different policy objective it seems from from the united states. it's a very different situation from what we saw during the trumpet ministration when both of these countries were talking with almost identical language about iran now they have a splintering of policy on that matter neither gantz lost in really addressing that in full in public in just saying that they were quite productive talks that had just taken place and harry as a sort alluded to there this is all coming as this sadder maritime conflict appears to be playing out between israel and iran did we get a sense of whether that was discussed in the talks. no sort of obvious assessment of that or talking about that in the public remarks but yes that is part of what is going on in the region in terms of the potential for
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escalation in this long simmering difference and conflict between israel and iran what we have seen in recent months has been both damage being done on israeli ships or is really only ships in the arabian sea and in february and march reports in the international media about a long term covert campaign by israel to try to disrupt oil flowing from iran or other via shipping from iran to syria and and undercover israeli attacks on such shipping and most dramatically just in the last few days this attack on the surface ship in the red sea long said to have been used and has been acknowledged to have been used by the iranian revolutionary guard corps and apparently or at least there are reports in israel that the source of the leak about this reporting which came up very soon after the attack took place. that those the source of that while
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initially reported to have come from u.s. officials that it might have come from iranian officials this is according to israeli media reports in a bit of a raw emerging in israel about that whether that was proper to do and whether israel risks escalating things further by acknowledging at least in this. undercover kind of a way what has been going on how far they with all the latest for us from leicester aslan thanks cemetary. oh moving on and voting is currently underway in chad where president idriss deby is looking to extend his 3 decades in power by now seeking a 6th term in office debbie has just cost his own voters and the capital in jamaica the opposition has been calling for a boycott it accuses the government of repression and of cracking down on anti-government protesters on saturday the interior ministry said it arrested several people for planning attacks on polling stations well our correspondent have a morgan is on the ground and reports from. on the streets at the
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national stadium and elsewhere across the chechen capital and jemaine thousands have come out to show their support for one man president idriss deby the incumbent leader has been in office since he took power in a coup more than 30 years ago debbie is now seeking a 6th term and promising a new future for. together we're going to build in africa like other continents that shares a long history a common history with those who colonized us and we're going to start this chapter together with them. during the mine 1900 debbie overthrew his predecessor who he had worked for as a military advisor before their falling out 3 years ago chat's parliament approved a new constitution that expanded powers it's also allowed him to stay in office until at least 2033 you know votes boycotted by opposition legislators chad has been fighting with rebels in the east and several attempted coups in recent years
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while incumbent president was there he met her supporters on the final day of the election randi opposition candidates were notably absent in the weeks leading up to the election hundreds of times protested against their his candidacy and human rights watch says the british forces have ruthless a crackdown on protesters and a position of the head of the bolt. weeks before the elections the army raided the house of opposition leader yeah killing 2 of his family members whose candidacy has been reject. by the high court along with 6 others has fled other opposition candidates have withdrawn their candidacy accusing debbie and the military of intimidation initially provision to send. more and more 100 percent of his members if you have. any regrets in. france. from the receiver to this is going to be fiction the solution would not
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be transparent if you are sincere. to be. really really free. 7.3000000 voters have registered according to chad's national electoral commission 5 of the candidates are also in the race but opposition leaders have called on their supporters to stay away from the voting but those who backed the president like yes him had to say they will take part a few 1000 hours away from where i will vote because it's my right and duty i want stability and security as well as better economy and i believe the current president is the man who can provide thought so i will vote others they will follow the lead of the opposition. these are not elections there are no competitors some of been rejected some of been intimidated and things have been the same for the past 30 years and i don't think there will be a chance so i will be recording the election. the polls are open for a single day but it will take 2 weeks before
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a winner is announced but many here at the stadium are confident the candidate they support will be the one to lead them for the next 5 years he will morgan al-jazeera chad. well and been enough people there also are choosing a president the version that comes during a time of political tension president patrice tellen is facing a weakened opposition in a vote that he is likely to win he is accused though of sidelining most of his rivals now someone came to power back in 2016 promising to serve one term and vowing to stamp out corruption well the top opposition candidates in binion's presidential election to either in exile or have had their candidacies rejected. the main opposition leader requiem a doodle was arrested in march on terrorism charges and other prominent opposition member sebastian of on is in exile he's accused of drug trafficking forgery and fraud and could even face prison if you returns not as well known as other sons tomorrow he's still in the race and was a former education minister current in coase also up for election he's
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a lifelong local politician but is now running for president for the very 1st time while our correspondent amid interest joins us now from outside a polling station in cotton in been in on that i noticed compared to previous elections there is a very short list of candidates this time around. exactly more than a dozen candid is filed their papers for for the contest but only 30 have been approved including of course the company president patrice to long so most of the opposition candidates or the most of the opposition leaders either out of the country in exile in prison or they've been muzzled into silence so that's the situation right now and we've seen reaction to that in the north of the country which is an opposition stronghold protestors blocked highways preventing election which you know some bridges started polling stations as polls opened today a short while ago president patrice stone cast his ballot in this polling station
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along with his wife and dismissed those protests insisting that there are nonstarters the protest was prompted by people who don't watch this country well and they hired hunters with guns and children to cause mayhem but he has deployed sword goes and heavy weapons to deal with the situation which of course for the time being everything is quiet on all fronts we also hear about late start of voting in such an areas this was expected because hours before the start of voting today the election commission announced that because of the protests that led to the blockade of highway. election material is able to reach polling stations are scheduled so be it struck to some delays especially in the north of the country in terms of voter numbers we are just witnessing the numbers. this is a police with at least 6 polling booths and since the start of 44 hours ago only
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a few people trickle in from time to time the largest number we witnessed was one president alone on this on your to vote and the majority of people in this compound were actually either security journalists or observers so that's the situation right now but election officials are telling us there will be that the numbers will increase before they have a vote today especially interesting we'll continue watching their ahmed idris on the ground for us in been keeping an eye on the election for us thanks so much on that. well there's still plenty more ahead few this news hour including we look at the vote in kurdistan which critics say threatens to return the country's wealth are tarrying rule. what's behind the recent violence in northern ireland 23 years after the good friday peace agreement. and in sport real madrid beat barcelona and el classico is a very top of the spanish league all out coming up the star. some
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families in myanmar say security forces are forcing them to pay $100.00 to retrieve the remains of their relatives who were killed in recent protests the bodies belong to 80 demonstrators who dr who died during a crackdown on friday protests are still continuing in several cities including yangon and mandalay and today 3 rebel groups in eastern shan state reportedly attacked security forces the 1st time since a cease fire back in 2019 well tony chang is following all of this for us from across the border in thailand tony these reports of people being forced to pay ransoms just to get the bodies of their loved ones back i imagine the military didn't want that made public what more do we know about. did well this was being removed on saturday afternoon on social media. but we have had it confirmed by the student union who have had to pay to recover
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a number of bodies they told us that the rate that's being asked for by the police to recover the bodies of the $82.00 people who are reported to died in their crackdown on friday is 120000 that's the equivalent of about $100.00 us dollars in their opinion so some terrible stories coming out the case of caking a woman whose husband was lost in that crowd was killed she was asked to pay this $120000.00 she didn't have enough money so had to go to the community where people gather those funds together including another woman whose nephew and son had both been killed she didn't have enough money so she decided to contribute what she did so the king's could recover the body of her husband many people are reporting the same thing some were too scared to go forward because go since their crackdown on friday there's been. the the army have been firing on the streets they've told
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people to stay inside their homes hundreds are reported to flow still sounds as if the situation is very insecure. those who have the money and who are daring to to go and reclaim the bodies of those who have died doing so many more are leaving them behind behind but it does appear now after much confusion it is still very hard to get information out of me with the new internet so the blocks of the been put in place in the last week but the the assistance association for political prisoners which seems to be the definitive. role. of confirmed $82.00 people died in just one place in just one day tony after all this bloodshed and more than 2 months now after the military coup itself it does appear that protesters and places are trying to fight back. indeed we saw
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yesterday on saturday the report that the police station was attacked by what's being called the brotherhood 3 armed ethnic groups who come together. they say that they killed between 10 and 15 slightly conflicting reports of how many policemen died in that attack and yesterday it's reported that people in tamu a city on the border with india. set an ambush for police they had been watching kalus city in the region which had seen also a brutal crackdown in the beginning of last week they heard reports that security forces were moving towards their town which is about 80 kilometers away and apparently set an ambush for the security services on the road approaching the city there are varying reports and again it is very difficult to verify information
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between 3 and 18 policemen being killed in that conflict those we can't verify but what we do know is that a huge fire was being said after this attack more security services were sent. there is video footage of huge fires in time and so i think people are getting increasingly angry and they've been very frustrated by the lack of international in intervention in recent weeks even statements coming from the united nations haven't satisfied their anger and i think they're just desperate now as far as we understand that the civil disobedience movement has closed many basic services banks shan't events food is running out for some people and i think now with this frustration and with the pretend that they're seeing from the armed forces some of them are choosing to fight back tony chang now across all of those developments for us from bangkok thank you sara. well there have been riots in parts of northern
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ireland every nearly every night now for a week brick set and controversial crowd of. 2 of the issues that are being blamed for triggering the violence anderson is reports now from belfast it was called the peace wall but a ceasefire took 3 decades to achieve now 23 years after the good friday peace agreement was signed it fails to live up to its name again descend on the streets is reborn. for more than a week pro british loyalists have been attacking police some of the worst violence has been near the peace wall in belfast that separates loyalists on one side from republicans on the other really hutchinson is a formal loyalist paramilitary who served 15 years in jail for murdering 2 catholics in 1974 he points to a mural of loyalty to the british monarchy and talks of
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a lull in violence during the period of mourning for prince philip hutchinson is now the leader of a political party that doesn't advocate violence but he won't condemn what's happened i want these young people to feel that they can come back from whether they cross selling and playing they need to be able to step back from the mission will prevent it will eliminate them more and you know i think that nobody has used this term yet but i'm going to use it as far as i know i don't feel of erotica. the brics a trade deal had a late switch of plan to put a border across the irish sea that separates great britain from northern ireland there's a customs post on this site among the vexed issues has been chaos all imports coming in which are also subject to european union regulations put simply even the more moderate loyalists feel they've been betrayed and alienated by brics it but over the peace wall the republican leadership feel that the good friday agreement
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may have been damaged but it's secure all and will stay that way shin fein says all sides need to play a part of the political process as saints row is on our streets are very just arguing i'm dangerous or i don't think. you agree with that what i asked to be nurtured dr all of the players after ensure that they play their part and developing another major issue is a republican funeral in faith leaders fail to observe coded regulations the union is 1st minister of nor the law and is calling for the resignation of the chief constable for not making any prosecutions. the violence involves a small minority many of them chain ages signposts call for a suspension of protests until after the period of mourning with prince philip even if those cool. scenes like this could return soon and for now it seems
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there's no solution andrew simmons belfast. now ash from a volcanic eruption on the caribbean island of st vincent is now falling on barbados almost 200 kilometers away thousands of people have been forced to flee and with r.t. say this eruption could go on for weeks alexia bryan reports. the last caribbean island in sentiment sent transformed into a gray gloomy moonscape. streets and buildings blanketed by escher spewed from a nearby volcano. ended decades of inactivity on friday when it erupted in spectacular fashion there were several earthquakes and a column of ash was pumped up to 15 kilometers into the air we don't want to work with. them you know and it's hampering the escape of thousands of
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people who are now in shelters across the island i am. sure that every family or. cyprus. means outlet in english it's the only potentially active volcano on st vincent which is home to about a 1000 people from the eruptions rained down on several neighboring islands including us nearly 200 kilometers away countries including venezuela cuba ghana and the united states a sending aid to the island nation. cruise ships have been sandton to help those fleeing near option because of the pandemic anyone go. on board will have to be vaccinated and everyone in a shelter will be tasted for covert 19 this is the 2nd time and experience in their work enough to force them into the web did how as many as they've been 5 explosive eruption zones in france and in the past 300 years the most recent in 979 while
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there have been no deaths reported this time an eruption a 902 killed more than a 1000 people but damage to crops and farms from the choking cloud of ash is expected to be severe. and experts say the eruption could continue for some time yet brian al-jazeera when our people on the coast of western australia are preparing for the landfall of a category 2 tropical cyclone emergency services are urging people to protect themselves and their belongings people living along a 500 kilometer stretch of the stage of also been advised to find shelter cycling is expected to bring winds of up to 165 kilometers per hour. well still ahead here
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on al-jazeera china considers adjustments to its vaccination plans as officials admit for the fans time that their job is not as effective. to make up and that of the population that they're not being vaccinated by refugees and migrants and 11 on not being left behind. and in support action from the n.b.a. as the utah jazz defends their incredible record a time that's all coming up with our. own good. however we got some lovely spring warmth spring up across many parts of a state year further west we've still got some rather wintry weather little speckling a shower of cloud in over the british isles filtering down across france the low countries through jamey a little area of low pressure just around there mark at the moment and with the system in place we have got some very disturbed weather pushing its way into
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central parts of europe as it sinks further south was increasingly saying well the more the way of snow there pushing them supro turned into the czech republic or running right across austria with some snow over the alps as well so what's the weather just coming back in across the good parts of northern and central italy hopefully losing the wintry showers into the southeast and kona because it will further north we can have the 16 celsius in moscow still it's a bad we'll see highs of around to an 80 degrees there in athens fine and dry there across madrid again we're getting up to 16 here festive weather coming through as the showers move away from that western side of the mediterranean but single figures up towards the northwest with that cool wind continuing to blows we go on through cheated by cheese day that wintry mix starts to make its way down across the balkans with more showers there for a good part of italy that a few showers to across northern parts of africa i believe it's a couple days 3 in the process of proceeding away.
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from the world's most populated region. and untold stories from across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events. with diverse cultures. and conflict and politics. i want to warn east on al-jazeera. from the al-jazeera london broil. to people in thoughtful conversation people use the lowest get agreement they describe the outsider with no host and no limitation to the difference between a migrant and refugee is purely a choice when you are refugee you are forced to speak of as mcallen and has had what has happened a lot in the west is that culture and food are separated studio unscripted and
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al-jazeera. the. hello again i missed all of you that's remind you about top stories this hour iran has reported an accident at its main nuclear facility at natanz its atomic agency says the incident on sunday morning affected the electrical distribution grid and comes a day off to iran resumed enriching uranium. in iran is also set to be high on the agenda as the u.s. secretary of defense visits israel wait austin is the fastest senior biden administration official to arrive in israel. and voting is currently underway in chad where president idriss deby is looking to extend his 3 decades in power by
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seeking a 6th term in office the opposition has called for a boy cos it accuses the government of oppression. well speaking of urging people in kohistani also verging on proposed changes to their constitution that could include giving president sadat for of more powers it would also allow him to run for a 2nd term critics accuse him of trying to impose a more authoritarian form of rules since taking office in january of called for this referendum off to months of political turmoil saying parliament system of governance is dysfunctional and corrupt while our correspondent charles stratford is on the ground and joins us now from bishkek charles i recall president offer of one a landslide election just back in january how's he regarded there now. well yes he did win a landslide election about 80 percent of the vote bear in mind that the turnout for that vote was under 40 percent he remains incredibly popular here and he's hopis
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for this constitution to be changed from a parliamentary system one that has existed now for 10 years to a presidential one and of course as you say critics are concerned both in this country and the wider region and international bodies around the world are concerned that the kind of democratic progress that this country has been so proud of making despite sometimes it being in a violent fashion that democratic progress may well be being weakened by this decision to power of hopes that this is this is going to put an end to that is widely considered that these proposals for constitutional changes will be given a yes vote in this constitution they include things like appointing a judiciary the president will be able to appoint judges in the judiciary will be able to he will be able to appoint the attorney general he will be able to appoint ministers he will be able to introduce and veto legislation so of course there are
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serious ramifications potentially for this vote we've been looking at the background to this story and here's our report. curious families have been enjoying the spring sunshine ultra long winter of the soul momentous political events in the central asian country one often described as the most democratic in the region but that may be changing. since the new president's plan to change the constitution could be a step backwards on the path towards full democracy. people have a strong will towards freedom we don't tolerate backward steps away from democracy there are more serious issues to be solved in the country than the constitutional referendum such as an implement but it's better not to destroy what we have already achieved so far. which is the day that the new president saw the. jail by supporters during protests after parliamentary elections were not in october
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following widespread allegations of vote buying he was serving an 11 year prison term for kidnapping a time crime he denies because he was out of the country when it happened in the 6 months since solar power if was greeted by supporters on the steps he has changed the political landscape in kyrgyzstan dramatically even before he won the presidential election in january he said that the parliamentary system of governance in kyrgyzstan had failed he described the system as being dysfunctional and corrupt critics propose changes to the 2010 constitution show he is trying to impose a more thorough tarion formal rule one which we can checks and balances needed to prevent abuses of power this. proposed text on the constitution is going to change the rules of the game at least at the high level toward serious
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centralization of power in the office of the president to such an extent that it's . basically no national level institution will be able to do anything without participation signed off on its by the president's. the names on the plaques all those killed during 2 of the 3 revolutions kyrgyzstan has had since independence following the breakup of the soviet union 30 years ago the fight for democratic rights is something curious people are proud of young members of the recently established reform party campaigning in municipal elections which are being held on the same day as the referendum the presidential rule implies personal rule there's no room little room for parties because the value of parties is being. it's being devalued parties are being represented as something western something
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that is imposed. back at the amusement park people enjoy the warm weather and rides there's no sign of the political upheaval of recent months the new president's plans for a constitutional change that many say would put the brakes on decades of democratic gains. supporters of these proposals for changes to the constitution to make it more presidential they say that democratic freedoms such as freedom of speech freedom to gather and protest against the government decisions and policy they are saying that those freedoms are still guaranteed but if you speak to opponents they're very concerned about this move they say that it is potentially going to lead to a more thorough tarion political system here and they say that the power should stick with a parliamentary system and instead work on building and reforming parties and building more democratic institutions it's fair to say though that whoever you
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speak to here everybody wants an end to this political crisis and they want to see real results they are tired of the instability they're tired of the corruption the child of the mismanagement mismanagement and you have an economy here that is hemorrhaging as well an economy that is being made worse the situation being made worse of course by the global pandemic on the ground for us in bishkek with all the latest. speaking of this pandemic the number of corona virus infections and india has hit a record for a 5th day now the country is struggling to contain yet another wave 839 people died from cavan 1000 on sunday that's the highest single day death toll in 5 months or thirty's in several states also warning of vaccine shortages in the coming days but
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india's health minister says state governments should and fear mongering. well china's center for disease control says the government may need a change in their vaccine strategy after admitting issues with the effectiveness of locally produced jobs there now china had administered 65000000 doses by the middle of march its health agency has suggested mixing vaccines or revising dosage timetables but that will have serious implications for the more than 20 countries who are already getting chinese made vaccines that includes chile which faces a surge in infections despite a rollout of the sign of job this a study found only 3 percent efficacy off to one dose compared to 56 percent with 2 shots well chinese manufacturers have yet to publish phase 3 trial data leading to accusations of a lack of transparency around their vaccine efficacy while sun jaya sun on the uk is an associate professor of infectious diseases at a straight in national university who joins us now from canberra dr i want to stop
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with this official admission that the chinese vaccines aren't terribly effective can you talk us through the ramifications of that especially seeing as so many of them have been sent abroad. right well you have to put it in perspective as well the world health organization when we 1st started this journey into developing vaccines was happy for a vaccine that was 50 percent if acacias so 56 percent after 2 doses meets that criteria however in light of the extraordinary success we've seen with pfizer and madonna being over 90 percent and astra zeneca being close to 80 percent after 2 doses it seems like a lot less and of course it also depends not just on the efficacy and prevent infection but preventing severe disease and hospitalized patients would make perform better at that level but you are right there are better if we can see vaccines available which people will naturally be looking for what doctor just
1:41 pm
looking at how effective vaccines are just for some context i had a look at the seasonal fav x. and i see that ranges from 19 percent to 60 percent so as you say 50 percent doesn't sound so bad so then what cutoff point do you decide it's just not worth getting a vaccine at all right so that is a very good question and with coated as i said the world health organization has recommended 50 percent so after at least 2 doses for a vaccine to be considered diable to be rolled out and many vaccines are achieving that and if you are getting 50 percent after 2 doses and you're hearing about all the 70 percent and 90 percent you'll be looking in that direction well let me ask you an ethics question then is continuing to rollout less effective vaccines a responsible thing to do when there are more effective alternatives. right well that all depends on access to vaccine and of course side effect profiles as
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well so if you have safe sex scenes that are more efficacious that you can get supply all in a timely manner then you would do that but as we have seen around the world with the surge in what's being called vaccine nationalism particularly coming out of europe where it is being difficult for other countries to get vaccines from the european region you are just trying to use what ever you have available and that is where mixing and matching might come into play well this idea of mixing vaccines i know a lot of people would be a potentially very anxious about that suggestion can you explain how that might work out are there some potentially that can be mixed and then not others look at consciously this has been something that has been looked at in the past and it's got a technical name for all of us trying boosting and it's been used for influenza the goal of the next say and the h. i.v. vaccine but with varying success in the sort of experimental setting however with
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coated because we've got so many vaccines available with different mechanisms of action we've got phase 3 trials underway at the moment so the astra zeneca and finds a vaccine they're mixing and matching those ones with 830 volunteers in the u.k. yesterday making a vaccine and the sputnik back saying they're mixing and matching that in azerbaijan in the trial and there's certainly some mouse model data from here in australia showing that corona virus spiked protein vaccines which a slightly different can induce a better immunity then if you use the 2 identical vexing it's very interesting we'll continue watching his trials for a band-aid sometimes on eochaid there from australian national university always good to get your thoughts on out of there thanks for being with us dr thank you. well as we were saying some of the world's poorest countries may have to wait longer for the 2nd dose of they have access and it's now up to 60 countries that
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have begun their vaccine rollout may now have to wait until june for more shots supply shortages have seen nearly all deliveries through the u.n. backed kovacs program blocked the world health organization scheme is designed to give poor nations fair access to those vaccines well meanwhile countries across south america rushing in restrictions as they battle to contain the virus there those problems are being made worse by slow vaccine roll outs and already weak health systems but in the worst affected country brazil there are now moves to ease restrictions in places that have seen a huge rise in private 1000 cases as well as deaths reports from what is there. a mixture of relief and disbelief this 2 weeks of look down lifted in rio de janeiro one of the worst coronaviruses cities in brazil. this will be the good news is that by enforcing the 14 day epidemiological period suggested by specialists plus other restrictions we managed to lower the number of people
1:45 pm
seeking the city's basic health system. yet for the past week across brazil there have been an average of 4000 deaths a day adding to a total of more than 350002nd in the world only to the united states health experts say much more needs to be done to curb the spread and. we can't sleep because we don't know full be able to attend to the patients if we will have medicines oxygen today we have them but if these cases continue growing at some point it will be chaotic there is no other way we don't sleep today's reality is that health workers don't trust chile despite a vigorous vaccination campaign has also seen a recent surge in coverage 1000 cases coming a few weeks after restrictions were lifted to encourage tourism in the pacific resort of vineyard omar and the nearby port city of el paraiso. we believe that this increases directly related to several factors but one of them is the holiday
1:46 pm
permits which allowed a significant number of people to travel to districts in our region in a festive spirit has periods of rest relaxation and disconnection after a very bad year your require has also extended lockdown restrictions until the end of april to contain a surge in covered 1000 cases well here in argentina we've seen a record number of daily infections and a new set of restrictions including a nighttime curfew. that people aren't going to tolerate being locked up again like last year many people want to go out they don't want to let their children or their family go hungry they need to look for their daily bread. vaccines are being applied but many complain there are too few a new batch is a not arriving fast enough but until those vaccination programs start to take effect the only other option if overburdened health systems of the code is to impose ever more lock down restrictions but with people angry and defiant those
1:47 pm
measures are proving to be increasingly ineffective. there are 2010 cyrus one human rights groups and 11 on a concern that migrant workers and refugees are being left out of the vaccine drive that but the government claims that so roll out on the limited number of jobs available then a quarter reports now from bridge. isolation is seen as a privilege for palestinian and syrian refugees in lebanon who have died from coronavirus at a higher rate than the national average along with migrant workers they make up 30 percent of a nation of 6000000 people they are included in the national vaccination campaign that is supposed to give equal priority to all but many refugees don't seem to be aware of their rights. nobody came and mentioned anything but if people truly take it. government data shows only 3 percent of those vaccinated so 4 are non lebanese human rights groups blame this on hesitancy little information on how to
1:48 pm
register and the government deviating from the national plan. distribution by private sector has meant that they don't have to follow 1st priority categories so you have on the one hand people who are politically connected or work for organizations or couldn't buy the vaccine have access to it and then people like migrant workers and refugees who depend on the national. who aren't getting vaccinated and now health officials say the private sector is helping in your bankrupt state and limited supplies are the reason why only 2 percent of the adult population has so far been fully vaccinated no one is a prevent from registering because you are a syrian or if you know it or whatever if you are just. to give the facts one of the priority go no one is the prize and you are from having an appointment but for the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers registering can prove to be an
1:49 pm
issue they don't have enough accurate and reliable information on the different vaccines the side effects or any other information related to their illegal status given that i don't know are undocumented and nothing has yet been communicated publicly to give them guarantees that they will not be deported or arrested and they are not protected by the law the authorities long accused of corruption and nepotism enjoy little trust many question how they are distributing the vaccines for example a donation of 100000 doses is being given out by the priority groups there is concern migrant workers and refugees will get their turn if the criteria established is not followed. beirut. well still ahead here on al-jazeera action from the masters including a rare hole in one that's coming up in sports a star.
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coveted beyond well. taken without hesitation forgotten died for the power defines our wild dogs new babies were boy did it look in the belly it's the black babies to death people in power investigates exposes and question the use and abuse of power around the globe. on how to see. how jews here. and.
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welcome back it's now time for sport and sorrow as all the gulf action thank you very much as i say i'd say it's often his goal for his jackie matsuyama has stormed into the lead at the most as now he's opened up a full shelter advantage with just one round left to play as eva 6 has this report . day 3 at the masters is known as moving day but play was stopped for more than 70 minutes as a storm passed through georgia while some players slipped up. others stepped up. after an hour sat in his car looking at his phone japan's had dec emotes yama came
1:52 pm
out firing after the rain delay birdies at $11.12 gave him a tie for the lead and then an eagle here at the 15th put him out in front. and he didn't stop there. this tee shot set up another birdie at 16. and when he rolled in another at the 17th he was firmly in control of the tournament the japanese player had started the day 3 shots off the lead but finished 4 shots clear. to the right before the rain delay i probably hit the worst shot i've hit this week and i just figured i can't hit anything worse than that and so maybe it relieved some pressure that i hit well after the delight of justin rose the leader after the 1st 2 rounds is still in good spirits and still has a chance of victory he's one of 4 players tied on 7 under par including zanda shuffle 8 who nailed the 60 foot eagle puts on the way to a 3rd round $68.00. australia's mark
1:53 pm
leishman is also in that chasing pack and believes it's still all to play for with 18 holes left to play safe in a he plays well odds he can control his own destiny i guess. a lot can happen around here. of cena. the shot of the day belong to cory connors only the 6th man in masters history to get a hole in one of the past 36 holes. the canadian is 5 shots off the lead heading into the final day just a short further back is the former champion jordan spaeth. his chip in at the 10th got him to 5 under par but that still 6 shots behind the leader of the tournament as much as to lose his the edges closer to becoming the 1st ever japanese man to win a major. david stokes al-jazeera. well it's for real madrid beats barcelona
1:54 pm
and el classico to go top of the spanish league now the game was played in heavy rain and i was karim benzema who put madrid in front with a cheeky back heel it was his 9th goal in 7 games and his 25th of the season overall our hosts then double bed lead the deflected free kick from toni kroos to make it to no or scum and graze a pulled one back for barcelona and real had a man sent off our boss to hit the crossbar with a final move of the game israel held on to win 21 to go top on goal difference back lets go madrid can retake top spot if they win later on sunday. if you come in we haven't won anything yet this is just a game and for the points it won't change anything we are in the same fight we have to lead reaching our limits physically we must know rest and recharge our batteries because on wednesday we have another great match to play now the next game on wednesday is away to live for in the european champions league was relieving 31 on
1:55 pm
liverpool won their latest game in english premier league now they fought from behind to beat aston villa with a goal from egypt somehow months in the winter from trent alexander ohno in injury time and that ends a run of 6 straight defeats our time for liverpool. now and it's city ac milan beats. 3 won an eventful match slaton abraham of it set up their own and they would chew goes up by hoffa time but after the break zlatan was shown a red card for something he said to the referee and palmer pulled a goal by barton longer able to score another to make sure of the win that 2nd 8 points behind leaders into milan. and in germany leaders by immuno slipped up they were held to a 11 draw time by union equalized with just 5 minutes left that allowed 2nd place rb lives there to take advantage and easily be voted braman for one to close the
1:56 pm
gap to 5 points with 6 games left to play in the title race. and on to the n.b.a. and the los angeles lakers came out on top in a battle of east and west they were up against the brooklyn nets without their big names their bron james and anthony davis while the nets were missing james harden they didn't have kevin durant whose dunk certainly impressed his mom watching them in the stands now both teams how to play ejected vin and dennis schroeder were thrown out of the game for arguing with each other as you can see there and that seemed to affect the nets more the lakers won by 25 points and brooklyn's home winning streak is over. donovan mitchell was the star for the utah jazz who were top of the western conference and he scored 42 points as they beat the sacramento kings by 16 and he showed pretty good defense soon on the jazz have now extended the home winning run to $24.00 games. now to one of the most famous
1:57 pm
horse races in the world the grand national which is won by a female jockey for the 1st time in its history sure blackmore said she didn't feel human after riding 11 to one shot monella times to victory at aintree in liverpool they finished 6 and a half lengths clear of balco days flosses also trained by henry brown heads any 2nd now came 3rd all caps off a great few weeks of blackpool who was also the 1st woman to be the leading the jockey at cheltenham festival last month it's unbelievable you know i hope it does help anyone that wants to be a jockey you know i never thought that this would be possible for me you know i i didn't dream about making a career as a jockey because i never thought i could happen and you know i did saw you know it's. just keep your dreams big i suppose that's all the inspiration i have for you . well why is was that not from a box all right good most for late nights in a size that sunday and thanks so much sarah well that's it from meanest audio tape
1:58 pm
for this news out but laurel be here in a moment with more of the day's news and also after that. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic model samia is that a fair assessment you can be catastrophic. to weiss valuable informed opinions should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the
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day school opel headlines inside story on 00. a star striker in the top a town in the devoted to the working class of his hometown and its close. footballing legend and accounts in our. history on the lakotah. one of a kind see the stuff. he put a door by his fans for his socialist values and his many goals against italy's football elite football rebels on how dizzy. for direct me to send them well enough families to pain is unbearable for of their relatives were killed last week during a military operation ordered by the vinous when government security forces accused them of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they come but many person family members insist they were innocent taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's
2:00 pm
defense minister vladimir by breena said the armed forces were open lige to defend their country from the regular groups but added that human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. iran has reported the accident as its main nuclear facility a day off sauces enriching uranium using advanced centrifuges. i know there are more a carl this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. chad goes to the polls but is the result a foregone conclusion present interest every 6 to extend his good grip on.


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